I’m James Kennison and I’d like to draw you a picture drawyouapicture.com


I’m James Kennison. I’m a Logo Designer and Illustrator.

I do logos for Churches, Children’s Pastors, Podcasters, Youth Directors, Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Moms, etc.

Most of my clients have never had professional artwork done. I’m easy to work with and will give you a great logo at a great price.

I would really like to do some work for you.

Check out what I’ve done for others below.

He LOVED [his portrait]
and was absolutely blown away!
Thank you so much!

— Leigh —


My Featured Work

I asked James to draw my family’s logo for our site. I gave him some descriptions and he did the rest.
The end result was perfect!

— Frey Family —

The Process

What do I need from you?


how to get the most from your experience:

1. Email Me

Email a description of what you want being as specific as possible.

2. I'll Respond

I’ll email back with follow-up questions and eventually a quote.

3. We Get Started

You’ll make a non-refundable 50% deposit via PayPal and I begin!

4. Art!

I’ll send your art electronically and you’ll complete your payment.

Contact me to get started!

Get in Touch


Email me directly or use the form below.


Saint Louis, MO, USA

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